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I'm on Twitter and Facebook!

Yesterday, I got a Twitter account. If you are on there, go here ( and see what I'm doing at any given moment. If you're not, you can sign up if you feel like having one more social networking site to go to. :)

I also joined Facebook; because I don't want some people to find me (coughsomeoldclassmatesthatmademylifehellcough, I have it set so that only friends can find me in searches so I'll have to look for you. If you're interested in adding me, let me know what e-mail address you're signed up under and I'll come find you. :)

Out of the two, I find that I like Twitter better. It's just so simple to use, plus it doesn't require that you use your real name like Facebook does. I was hesitant to go on Facebook (again with the "certain classmates" thing) but as soon as I saw that there are things you can do to make sure that you stay private, I signed up.
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I miss Conan already. :(

I can't believe that Late Night With Conan is no more. I hope that the next couple of months fly fast so that it's June 1st and I can see him on TV again.

I have a whole bunch of tapes filled with old Conan bits, the majority of them from between 1995-1997, that I will treasure forever until I can get a DVD recorder and put them on DVD. I haven't watched them in forever, so I should take the time to watch them when I don't feel like doing anything else.

During the finale where they played a bunch of clips from the past, I saw what I would consider a shout-out of sorts: the clip from 1996 where Jackie Chan "kicked" Conan in the face. When the Late Night Underground blog had asked fans to list their favorite moments, I was the only person to mention that as their favorite moment so I cheered when I saw that they included it on there.

These are the other favorite moments that I posted in that same comment on the blog (I saved it on Notepad as a reference). This doesn't even begin to cover it:

Collapse )

Long live Conan!
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I finally joined the 21st Century!

I finally bought an MP3 player last week. I used to only listen to music I had on my Walkman (remember those?), but not anymore. Now whenever I get around to walking in the park once the weather gets warmer (probably in June the way this weather has been), I won't feel emabarassed about the method in which I listen to music. :)

It's an Omnitech brand from Staples and it's a 2GB player that can hold up to 1,000 songs. There's also a feature on there where I can record my own voice and save it to the player; if it's possible (the directions don't say), I'll maybe put it on the computer and give you a sample of what my voice sounds like. :)

I hate to make this short, but I have a headache that is totally killing me. :(
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Nerd Test

I was taking this test and thought I would post the results here. says I'm a Cool Non-Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

I haven't felt like posting lately, which is why you haven't seen anything from now, but one day I will.

See you soon. :)
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The Weirdness of Tornadoes

This article shows just how weird tornadoes can be:

Tornado oddities: Toilet paper unwinds and rewinds

HUGO, Minn. - As residents in Hugo begin to move on from last week's tornado, some say they noticed a few bizarre things amid all the damage. Jason Akins said the twister unwound a roll of toilet paper in his bathroom — draped it across the countertop, then rewound it in the sink. The toilet paper didn't even rip.

"All I could say was, 'You have got to be kidding me,'" Akins recalled.

He also said that winds overturned sofas and ripped away his roof, but dishes of cat food and water were untouched. The cat food was actually still in the bowl.

[snipped out paragraph]

Terry Clarkin said the Hugo tornado stuck four steak knives in the yard — and they landed in a perfect square, with the blades in the dirt about three inches.

Across the street, a tree had been stripped of leaves, and instead was filled with pink wads of insulation — looking much like a tree from a cartoon.

Some residents made interesting findings amid the wreckage.

Five-year-old Lauren Ford found a red Spider-Man T-shirt in her back yard. One neighbor found a fishing boat against the remains of a front porch. Others found canoes, checkbooks or toys.

Jeff Janus said the tornado protected him.

He was in his front yard when the storm hit, and he ran inside and grabbed his dog and cat.

"I saw people's houses flying by," he said. He didn't make it to the basement, but instead crouched down in the hallway, with one animal in each arm. He said the storm tore off the bedroom doors and placed them almost gently on top of him — shielding him from falling debris.

When the storm passed, he said, he spit shreds of insulation from his mouth, but he felt the doors saved him.

"I find it hard to believe I am actually here," said Janus.
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Ten Years Later

Since today is the ten-year anniversary of Phil Hartman's death, I thought that I would post some YouTube clips of Phil doing what he did best plus other Phil related clips. Unfortunately, there weren't any clips from SNL thanks to copyright issues.

Collapse )

I posted them as links since there would be a lot of embedded screens in this entry. :)

UPDATE (7:23 PM): Just now I thought that I would go to the Phil Hartman Tribute and see if there were any new posts, but it seems to have disappeared or been deleted. I have to say that I'm sad that the group is no longer around. :(
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Long Time No See!

It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I would drop by and let you know that I haven't died or been abducted by aliens. :)

First of all, still not working. I haven't been looking in a while, but I'm going to have to start up again soon.

A couple other things that have been going on:

-I had a tooth that had really been bothering me and it turned out that I had to have a root canal (after I had the tooth filled at first and then it started to hurt more); I had to go through two steps, the first one on April 7th and the second one (which will take about an hour) is on June 7th.

-It's been so damn cold this entire month where I live; April was warmer than this. My mom thinks I'm wrong, but I think it's going to be hot two weeks from now.

-I have been addicted to listening to Beavis and Butt-head clips that I got from YouTube (thanks, YouTube to MP3 Converter!); the majority of the clips are of the videos that they made fun of and the rest are random episodes. I look for B&B stuff every day since they get removed very quick (thanks to Viacom) and the music videos are kind of "buried" on YouTube; they're titled as BB - [name of group], so they fly under the radar. Also, the person that has these has many usernames so that each user name has only 20 videos instead of a bunch of videos under one username. One of this person's channels has been suspended but the rest of them have not been, not yet anyway.

-I am so excited that the New Kids On The Block are back together. It makes me want to dig out my old pin-ups and up them up on my wall; I'd wear my old shirts, but I don't have them anymore. This piece of news makes me feel like I'm ten years old again.

Well, that's about it for now. See you when I get the urge to post again. :)
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Let's hope that this Andy show is more successful.

Comedy Central Shows for Snoop Dogg, Andy Richter

(FROM VARIETY) – Snoop Dogg, Andy Richter, and David Alan Grier showed up on Comedy Central's slate of new shows planned for the 2008-09 season. The network has ordered an untitled animated comedy about Snoop's life as a teen-ager growing up in Long Beach, CA; Richter will star in an untitled sketch pilot; and Grier is set for David Alan Grier's Chocolate News, a magazine-show parody. The network is also launching new live-action series Krod Mandoon, about a clueless medieval hero who's a bit distracted, Flaming Sword of Fire, which the channel describes as its ''first foray into medieval comedy,'' Gay Robot, an animated half-hour (consisting of two short segments) about a gay robot adjusting to life after college, and Search and Destroy, which features radio jocks Opie and Anthony sending teams of comedians on a scavenger hunt around New York. (Variety),,20183924,00.html

It would be about time that Andy finally has a hit show. The closest that he got to having a hit was with Andy Richter Controls The Universe, but that was more of a cult hit than anything else. If this doesn't work out either, than I personally think that he should go back to being Conan's sidekick or better yet, Conan's replacement on Late Night.
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Snow, UGH!

I'm getting really tired of all the snow. My area has had snow almost non-stop since sometime in mid-January and I am so ready for it to become spring and for it to go the hell away; but, we have had snow in April in the past and with the way this weather has been will probably snow this April. We didn't have any snow for Christmas, but Mother Nature sure has made up for it; according to the weather reports on TV, we have had about 60-some inches of snow since this all started and also had the fourth snowiest February on record.


And don't forget to turn your clocks back forward (oops!) tonight; Daylight Savings Time has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier, as it's one step closer towards spring and warmer weather.