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Damn Annoying Calls!

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Oct. 6th, 2010 | 02:23 pm

So I've handed in three job applications so far and have been waiting for a call from one of them. I have been getting calls, but none of them are from the places I've applied; instead they are calls about whether or not I'm going to be voting in the election on November 2nd. What makes it tricky is both things would be calling me "Julianne", so I hear that name thinking it's going to be about an interview but it's actually about voting.

The last straw was last night around 7:00 PM. I was downstairs in the basement doing some cleaning when my mom comes down and says that there's a call for me. I'm running up the stairs as fast as possible and I grab the receiver and say hello, only to hear "Hi, Julianne. This is blah-blah; are you going to be voting on November 2nd?" I said yes, and when they asked me another question I said I was busy and hung up. I've had enough so I've decided that when either my mom or I answers the phone, we'll both immediately say "May I ask who's calling?" before we do anything else.

As to why I'm the one getting all the political calls, I figure it's because I'm probably classified as a "young voter" and those seem to be the votes that matter most, plus it seems that this election year is a really crucial one so they want guarantees that someone is going to vote. The calls will most likely be more frequent in a couple of weeks, so I have a feeling there'll be a lot of may-I-ask-who-is-callings to come. Bleh.

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from: abunchofcrap
date: Oct. 7th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)

The only political calls I ever get are usually just voice recordings, and not actual people. I guess they don't care enough about my vote. Which is for the best.
I hate waiting to hear back from places... I applied to like 15 jobs when I was in Hawaii, most of which were below my "skill" level or pay level that I'd still willingly have took, and I only heard back from one via a rejection letter in the mail. I kept looking at my phone, expecting it to ring, and nothing. argh.

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