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Conan's Tonight Show Debut - The Aftermath

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Jun. 2nd, 2009 | 01:51 pm
music: TV: Guiding Light

To put it simply: It was great! I loved every single minute of the show.

Other random comments about the show:

The last half hour before the show started was nervewracking. The clock felt like it was crawling at a snail's pace plus I was totally full of nerves, partly because there was a chance that the power would go out because of a storm (that never happened, thank God) and also because of the show; really no reason to be nervous since it's not like I'm the one making their hosting debut on the Tonight Show or Conan's wife, but I was anyway.

When the show started (at 11:33, two minutes before the Late Show would start; probably not a coincidence) and Conan was on the screen for the first time, I cheered so loud my neighbors would probably hear if their houses were close to mine. I like the whole "running from NY to LA" bit and laughed at the part where he ran past the Victorian doll shop and then backtracked to he could so inside.

Hearing Andy's voice as announcer for the first time made me so happy; I am so glad he's back. I hope they bring back some of their classic sketches, though not the staring contest since that had a good ending on Andy's final Late Night show where he finally won.

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from: abunchofcrap
date: Jun. 2nd, 2009 09:56 pm (UTC)

I squeed as soon as Andy's voice came on announcing, and I really squeed at the very end when he sat on the couch - for like two seconds during the credits haha.
I loved Conan's running across the country (sexy) & I liked seeing him in his Taurus, since I used to drive one, too. I also really enjoyed when the audience started chanting "Circle! Circle!" and Conan was like, what? Don't do that!

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